Q: Does the use of kabbalistic amulets have any religious or ethnic limitations?

A: The source of kabbalistic amulets is Judaism, that is, knowledge about amulets is one of the many parts of practical kabbalah, which is one of the components of the overall study of kabbalah, which always has been an inseparable part of Judaism. At the same time, kabbalah describes the concealed structure of the whole world, all the parts of it and the divine forces connecting these parts into a single mechanism of the Universe. These are superior forces and they are almost imperceptible, but nonetheless, they are real and act on everything and on everyone, in exactly the same way as our world’s physical forces, such as gravity and electromagnetism, wind, waves and sunlight. In other words, those forces affect each object and each person in the world. Kabbalistic amulets interact with these controlling forces on all levels. Therefore, kabbalistic amulets can be used by people of all nations and religions.

Q: Do kabbalistic amulets really work?

A: They work in the overwhelming majority of cases. It is very important to remember that no one, except the Al-m-ighty Himself, can promise the amulet will work 100% successfully. And it is for this reason in particular Gersh Nubirg provides a warranty for his services.
However, if all the conditions of the writing and use were observed, then the chances that the problematic situation will improve or be resolved completely are very high.
Even if an obvious improvement is not observed, one may definitely say that the correct use of the amulet can slow or stop the situation’s development in a worse direction. In general, the prevention of a worsening situation is already being considered as a success.

Q: Are there side effects in the use of kabbalistic amulets??

A: First of all, Gersh Nubirg does not manipulate with forbidden evil forces and there is no element of witchcraft in his amulets and as a consequence there is no penalty for violating permissible borders.
Actually, use of amulets has the same natural type of consequences as any other action in our life. For example, when a person wants to buy a car, he faces with a choice – to purchase or not to purchase. Depending on selected option, the person receives a new direction for events in his life which can bring him to absolutely different situations from getting into car accident to saving somebody’s life. Is it a punishment or reward for buying a car? The answer is – no, it’s a regular causality, natural flow of events in our existence. If this person chooses to have a car, he receives what he wants, he gets the car and the price that he pays is only the price of the car.

The same is with amulets. Person achieves his goal, using an amulet, and the price he pays is the price of the amulet, nothing more. The rest is beyond our understanding and out of our control. We cannot force the Owner of the Universe to do what we want, we can only ask Him for help i.e. to keep the chain of events in direction we need. And this is what Gersh Nubirg implements within amulets he writes.

Q: What obvious dangers may occur in using amulets?

A: There are several types of requests that are potentially dangerous. One source of possible danger can be described as an attempt “to force G-o-d’s hand,” that is, the activation of unreasonably powerful spiritual forces or an attempt to change the nature of things or an attempt to change the natural order of events. Requests of such a nature can be satisfied only when a man who is at the highest level of spiritual development requests it, like Moses, for whom the waters of the Red Sea parted (Book of Exodus) or Joshua, who caused the sun to stand still at Gibeon, and the moon in the Valley of Ajalon (book of Joshua). In real life concepts, it can compare with the most complex surgical operation when only simple drug treatment is needed. Another dangerous direction is an appeal to dark, evil forces. It can be defined as a perversion of nature both at the physical and at the spiritual level. If again one puts it into modern terms, then it will be similar to the use of hard drugs in order to rise one’s mood only slightly.
Gersh Nubirg does not touch upon anything of that described above in the process of building his amulets. The operating purpose of his kabbalistic amulets is simply the improvement of the surrounding conditions and circumstances in such a way that it allows achieving the desired result.

Q: Which spiritual forces do you invoke? What is their origin, angelic or demonic?

A: Correctly made kabbalistic amulets have nothing to do with the invocation of spiritual essences. Neither beings on the part of holiness nor representatives of the forces of evil. Appealing to evil, dark and external forces may attain rapid results and short-term solutions, but in receiving them in that way, a person causes himself colossal damage, by creating extremely negative breaches at the physical and spiritual level of his existence.

Also we do not entreat the angels and we do not pray to them, because they are only providers to our world of the Creator’s will. The angelic names can be called or written for various defined reasons, but only as part of a request directed to the Creator. And only He, blessed be His Name, is The Only One to Whom we should address all our prayers and requests for help.

Q: Is Gersh Nubirg a rabbi? And is he permitted to write amulets if he is not a rabbi?

A: No, Gersh Nubirg is not a rabbi. Only a religious Jewish scholar, a practicing expert of Jewish law who has completed yeshiva successfully and obtained “smicha” (“rabbinic ordination”) can be called a rabbi.
There is no clear-cut position about whom the person should be who writes an amulet in the practical kabbalah tradition. Moreover, the relationship of religious authorities to amulets always has been ambiguous. For example: Rambam (Maimonides) was disposed against the writing and use of amulets, he saw the road to heresy and idolatry in them, whereas Ramban (Nahmanides) approved them; some modern Hasidic authorities don’t take amulets very seriously, although the founder of Hasidism Besht wrote and dispensed a large number of amulets.

What really is important about who writes amulets is a level of his faith, his mental and physical state during the writing process, his authentic desire for good for whom the amulet is written, his ability to concentrate on the corresponding Holy Names, the observance of all the technical details and of course his experience.

Q: Does Gersh Nubirg write mezuzas?

A: No, Gersh writes amulets, and there is a significant difference here.
It is better to order a kosher mezuzah from a certified STa”M scribe or buy it at a certified kosher store. In other words, obtain it from a verified, certified and kosher source. The writing and use mezuzas is a daily part of traditional Judaism, part of Halacha, i.e. part of the Jewish Law; therefore, it is better to get them from those whom law and tradition advise, means from certified kosher scribes.

As stated above, the preparation and use of amulets does not apply to the daily practice of Judaism and one will not find a true amulet in the same place where he can find kosher tefillin and mezuzas. Person can be experienced and kosher STa”M scribe, but at the same time, he might not posses an actual knowledge about true amulets. Needless to say, there are very many blessings and traditional inscriptions which are well known to many scribes and which can be defined as amulets. The use of such items has a more traditional than practical meaning. However, the properly prepared amulets, with the permission of the Al-m-ighty, can turn the order of occurrences and the flow of events in our reality to a better, desired direction.

Q: Does Gersh Nubirg write amulets for winning in lottery (or other games of chance)?

A: No, Gersh Nubirg doesn’t deal with such type of amulets. It’s very unadvisable to order an amulet completely pointed to this purpose. There are two consequent main reasons: amulet designed as strict request for particular event of this kind is qualified as “attempt to force G-d’s hand”. Moreover, spiritual forces responsible for immediate raising of financial conditions (which big win in lottery is) are the same spiritual forces that trigger reinforcement of divine judgement; and this is pretty dangerous, like playing with non-isolated high voltage cable.
The better way is just to ask for increased income while not specifying how exactly and how fast it supposed to happen.

Q: Is it possible to order an amulet which is engraved in gold?

A: There are amulets which are engraved in gold, silver, copper and other metals, but at the present time, Gersh is not involved with them. The reason is that his purpose is the rendering of the maximally possible actual help, and not the manufacture of jewelleries. Amulets made from gold or silver are beautiful and impressive, but only amulets written on parchment with real ink and a real quill, in the corresponding conditions, can guarantee the highest level of help and/or protection. Therefore, if you want to obtain an elegant, intricate, decorative amulet, then you must not search here. But if you are interested in really powerful objects which with G-o-d’s help provide real support and protection, then Gersh Nubirg can offer his help.

Q: How is the size of the payment for an amulet determined?

A: There are no standard prices, every given case being treated absolutely individually. Usually the price is based on several different factors, such as: severity of the problem that must be resolved, the time for preparatory actions and the time of writing itself, the quantity and quality of the materials used, the generation of correct conditions for writing the amulet (for example, in some cases the scribe is obligated to fast, in others to achieve complete ritual purification), efforts the scribe must undertake in order to get into a particular mental mood and so forth. Prices can vary widely in this regard.

Q: How quickly does the amulet begin to act?

A: It depends on the type of request and after that, how the amulet works in particular. Basically, the amulet begins to work at the moment the client receives it. But in some cases, the amulet begins to render its influence directly after the ritual of the last blessing (see the process).

Q: When is it necessary to obtain an amulet?

A: Either when all necessary steps in a particular situation have been attempted or when a person wants to obtain additional help for his endeavors. An amulet is NOT a replacement for rational actions. An amulet is NOT a replacement for professional services. But an amulet can provide effective help for someone who wants to achieve his goals.

Q: How does one stop an amulet’s action?

A: First, stopping an amulet’s influence is not always possible. Therefore, each client should be certain that he really wants to use an amulet for a given situation. After that, there is only one possible variant of neutralizing an amulet: get in touch with Gersh, return the amulet to him and request a refund. This action potentially can change the consequences of using the amulet.