About Gersh Nubirg

gersh nubirgGersh Nubirg has been researching and practicing secret knowledge for years. Gersh Nubirg is fully aware of the fact that he can be perceived as one of the many charlatans, impostors and laymen who offer different types of supernatural or occult aid. However, while offering his services, he does not identify himself as an omnipotent psychic, medium or clairvoyant. He does not declare himself to be absolutely pious, righteous, holy or almighty. He simply has access to the ancient wisdom, and most importantly, he knows how to use this wisdom. This knowledge is as old as the Universe itself, and it enables the spiritual forces that were involved in the process of Creation. The information inherited by Gersh Nubirg provides understanding and instructions about how to use the old secret wisdom of practical kabbalah under real life conditions.

Religious tradition says that originally parts of this knowledge was revealed by an angel of G-o-d to Adam, and afterwards to Enoch, Noah, Abraham and king Solomon. Scientific studies consider this system of beliefs as a consolidation of the occult knowledge of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Sumer with Judaism’s monotheism. Rationalists see it as no more than an accumulation of superstitions and prejudices.

Gersh Nubirg has spent years searching for the absolute truth. During this time, he performed fundamental research on a huge quantity of age-old primary sources. In addition, numerous compilations where made of their meaning from different existing points of view: religious, scientific, philosophical and even skeptical. He has studied and compared occult practices, ritual ceremonies and the secret, internal knowledge of a multitude of different religions and beliefs. At one of the stages of this method, Gersh recognized that final truth is inconceivable and unattainable, and its possession belongs only to the Creator, blessed be His Name. But on the other hand, there are keys to the doors that lead in this direction.

As a result of it all, Gersh Nubirg offers amulets which represent a constantly repeating request (a prayer) that is intended directly for the Creator, the Lord and Master of the Universe. The amulets are prepared according to the ancient Kabbalistic methods.

Gersh Nubirg does not sell, trade or release your information to anyone, unless it required by law.
Gersh Nubirg is a business name registered with the Ontario Ministry of Government Services.