Spiritual Protection

Kabbalistic Spiritual ProtectionAnyone can have a need of spiritual protection at some point in life. Protection amulets ward us from many negative influences and are made for many different purposes.

Among those are the protection of a new marriage, a home or a business. Spiritual protection is also seeked for new beginnings such as journeys, the birth of a child, or a new professional endeavor. Such protection can be gained by a set of prayers and cleansing rituals, and by wearing a Kabbalistic amulet, of the sort that were known to protect people for ages. The uses for such practices are many and varied.

A well made protection amulet or ritual with carefully selected and expertly copied phrases and divine names from the Scripture will be a guard at your doorstep, protecting your soul.

In general terms, the concept of spiritual protection includes various methods and different areas. It can mean black magic removal or black magic protection. It can be protection from evil spirits or evil spirits repelling. Spiritual protection might be dealing with hex removal or hex protection; curse removal or defence against curse. There is spiritual protection from psychic attack. Sometimes it is applying of spiritual symbols for protection purposes.

Protection amulets and rituals are especially useful for:

● Warding off harmful spiritual forces. Negative thoughts, hatred, fear and loss of faith can be dispelled by having spiritual protection against them.

● Keeping demons away. Some entities around us can be harmful to our souls, and damage relationships, our health and many other things in our lives. An amulet, like a candle, creates a source of divine light in you that drives them away.

● Neutralizing bad influences, such as evil eye and curses made by envy and grudges.

● Negative energy cleansing. If it is not the person but the place, or a certain object that is acting as the source of negativity, it can also be neutralized.

The amulets and rituals use signs that keep harmful entities away, clear negative energies from your dwelling and help stabilize your spirit by linking it to G-d and putting your soul in his hands. Their result is emotional stabilisation, relief of stress and an overall effect of calm and safety.

All amulets and ritual treatments should be designed for a specific individual or a group of people and can benefit only them. The amulets are unique, personally designed scrolls of warding that are created for protection against specific dangers as well as giving general protection to a person by balancing his life’s situation.

For instance, if someone encounters a streak of bad luck at work, or they are having trouble with a relationship, this can help. Or if one is preparing for a long journey, especially away from home and family, such protection can also be valuable and may prove much needed. There are many instances in life when such protection can protect us from bad influences and benefit us and our surroundings.