Kabbalistic Amulet for Health and Prosperity Size of a payment

Prices can vary widely. Size of a payment depends on particular conditions in each given case (See “Steps” paragraph on “The Process” page).

Reasons to pay

Work should be paid. That is, preparation of an amulet is a work that involves very specific skills and knowledge. And the process itself demands colossal physical and mental efforts with maximum concentration on the amulet’s success and not on routine needs. Awareness that his labor and time have been fairly compensated, allows the scribe to concentrate on the work to the utmost.

Cost of estimation/analysis

Estimation and/or analysis of a situation is free. The only exception is where an analysis is a part of in-person consultation or customized research.

When payment should be done?

Payment must be completed before work gets started.

Is payment by installments acceptable?

Yes, payment by installments is acceptable with certain restrictions.

Acceptable type of payment

PayPal payments is the main payment method accepted at the present time. Alternative ways of payment, such as credit card or direct bank transfer (also known as wire transfer) can be discussed privately in exceptional cases.