Evil Eye Protection

Kabbalistic Amulet Evil Eye ProtectionThere are two main possible sources of what the old tradition recognizes as the evil eye. An evil eye is a condition that hampers a person’s spirit and stands in the way of his achievements and development in practically all walks of life. It can badly affect his health and the health of his loved ones, deter success, create distress in relationships and cause prolonged strips of bad luck.

● One of our sources of trouble can sometimes turn out to be… our own selves.

There are things that are happening within our souls that we are not always aware of, and can not always predict or control. The soul is where joy dwells, and where love blossoms. It is an inner world of hopes and fears, which has a direct effect on a person’s Spirit (our source of will and vitality). Sometimes we harbor inner energies and thoughts that are harmful. They distract us from the path of G-d and can cause failure and bitterness. Such a process starts within, with fears and hidden jealousy or envy. These processes can be found and stopped by the right amulet or a sequence of ritual activities targeted to bring evil eye protection. Both practices are directed at the bearer’s soul and cleanse it by bringing it closer to our Creator.

● Another possible source is one that is directed from outside.

Unspoken grudges, envy and other negative emotions coming from people around us can (sometimes unintentionally) grow into evil eye and disrupt our life in some small and sometimes very significant ways. When it is increased by conscious hostile intentions and evil speech (such as gossip, malicious rumors and the like), the effect can be very bad indeed, and can sometimes grow into a curse.

The recommended treatment is rejecting bad influences (outer as well as inner ones) by personal will, prayer, and evil eye protection amulets and rituals.

● How do those practices work and how the amulets are, and should be, made.

The source of your trouble has to be found and then a set of sacred symbols and divine names is written into an amulet scroll, or a sequence of cleansing ritual activities performed. Both practices are a form of concentrated prayer that is specially attuned to an individual and links him or her to G-d. This means that all such practices have to be personalized and based on one’s specific needs in order to achieve the maximum possible positive effect.

As said in the Scripture (Psalms 111,10) “The fear of the L-O-RD is the beginning of wisdom” and by embracing the Creator, we gain protection from evil influences from within and outside. His light is one that protects us, and basking in it drives off the darkness.