Overall Protection Amulets

Fragment of overall protection amuletPeople often put themselves in danger in their daily routines and sometimes come to sudden harm in their ordinary lives – accidents happen, danger can come out of nowhere and catch us unprepared.

Besides, there are certain forces and entities in the world that have an unseen, but strongly felt contact with our minds, souls and bodies. Some people tend to attract the beneficial effects of positive spirits while others might be negatively affected by harmful ones.

Protection amulets can assist us against different influences that affect our spirit or health, as well as shield us from bodily harm in extreme situations.

When you need help against Physical Danger:

  • If you have a dangerous profession (pilot, driver, doctor).
  • Engage in extreme sports that involve significant risk.
  • In cases of fires and other hazards that can happen to anyone.
  • Soldiers, security guards, police officers and other people who find themselves confronting violence often or on a regular basis.
  • If you plan on traveling to a dangerous part of the world – a jungle trek, mountain climb or desert safari – and can expect to encounter extreme situations.
  • General protection to keep a newborn or loved one safe.

A protection amulet is a specifically attuned item, focused on a person to bestow a general protection (helping avert bodily harm or reduce damage if harm cannot be avoided altogether) or be specially attuned for specific situations and scenarios in which you think harm can be expected.

Protection against Spiritual Harm

As mentioned above, there are many things that are unseen but can still very much affect us. If you are experiencing bad luck, phobias, misfortune, lack of sleep, depression, psychological traumas, negative thinking or relationship problems, the reason may be spiritual.

You may be affected or targeted by a dibbuk, curse, evil eye, evil tongue, evil spirit or witchcraft. The influence may be coming from within or without, but the effect is similar – a steady deterioration of our spiritual and physical well being that can affect us in all walks of life and bring about danger.

In both cases, the physical or spiritual, when trying conventional means to remedy your situation doesn’t help, protection amulets may be a way of protecting yourself. Peace be with you.