Jewish Exorcism

Ancient Healing and Protection for Jewish Exorcism RitualsJewish exorcism practices take root in an age-old, well tested tradition that discerns between several different negative influences that require such treatment.

It has been known that the world is full of spiritual beings, some of which are here to test us, and some are just a part of this world. Those can be demons or restless souls which can attach themselves to human beings and interfere with their lives, causing harm in many ways. In the old literature they are often described as “dybbuk” (a “clinging” spirit).

According to a known Talmudic source, the world is filled with myriads of unseen demons, and the Almighty placed a muzzle on the maw of each and every one of them. Only when a person sins, the L-o-rd lifts the restrains from a nearby demon, and it is allowed to harm the person (Devarim Rabbah)

All those and other negative influences can be driven off and healed by going through a series of jewish exorcism rituals, which can also be enhanced by a proper kabbalistic amulet.

Such treatments have several important properties: 

  • Their help is addressed both at the problem and it’s source. Both the possessed and possessor are in a constant state of distress and need to be targeted by the beneficial effect. This is what allows for the release to be both full and final.
  • Secret divine names are used and called to stabilize surrounding conditions and affect the person and his environment at the same time.
  • Individual treatment is based on one’s beliefs and condition (a combination of a theological and psychological approach), so such treatments are never generic. While combining some common elements and signs that keep hostile entities away, much individual work is done to ensure the ritual or amulet are attuned to the very specific person that needs it.
  • Exorcism practices are used for calming aggressive spiritual beings in the surroundings as well as in people. Sometimes the disrupting is not direct and the spirits around the possessed individual are in turmoil. At other times it is not a person but an object or a place that is possessed. Then cleansing by natural water, pure oils, salt and fire (candles, incense) can and should also be applied as part of the Jewish exorcism practices.

The line from Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light and create darkness I make peace and create evil I the L-O-RD do all these things” teaches us that the Creator is our source of light and salvation and it is through Him that we can regain our strength, resilience and health when afflicted by evil influences.