Kabbalistic Amulets

Kabbalistic AmuletsProtective amulets are well known among all cultural and religious traditions through the whole period of existence of the human race. There are amulets that bring evil eye protection, amulets that protect from evil tongue and from evil speech. There are amulets used for house purification and for house spiritual protection, and amulets for house spirits expelling. Amulets for protection from physical dangers and sorcery protection amulets.

Kabbalah amulets, sometimes known as Jewish protection amulets, are specifically customized tools that represent a constantly repeating request (a prayer) that is intended directly for the Creator, the Lord and Master of the Universe.

Each amulet is unique since it is formulated to resolve specific problem for specific person. This explains why amulet can be used only by person (or group of people) for whom it was written.
All amulets examples represented on this web site are real amulets prepared by Gersh Nubirg. For privacy reasons all personal data such as individual name and date of birth have been replaced with the following caption kabbalistic-amulets which means “Someone son of Someone”.
It is important to know: each amulet written by Gersh Nubirg passes through all the necessary stages described on the process page.

Amulets written by Gersh Nubirg are helpful in various life areas and situations. Listed below are the major types of them: