How to Use

There are different ways to use and carry amulets. The way to carry an amulet depends directly on the purpose for which the amulet was created.

Most often, the amulet is a small piece of parchment, rolled into a scroll and placed in a small cloth sack. Depending on the situation for which the amulet was written, this small sack can be located in a pocket or purse, be worn as a necklace, be placed in a bedroom or be concealed in the home or workplace.

Sometimes an amulet should not be rolled, but simply placed into a small paper or plastic envelope. Sometimes it can be a large piece of parchment with a text that should be hung on a wall.There are amulets that are not allowed to be carried out of the house, and conversely, amulets which are not allowed to be kept at home. There are types of amulets, the text of which should be washed with water or wine after writing, and there are amulets which should be buried in the ground or burnt in a special way.

Again, it all depends on each specific situation. Detailed instructions which explain how to carry and/or use the amulet are prepared individually for each particular client.