The Process

Formula for Kabbalistic Amulets

The writing process should be done by a scribe who has reached a special mental state that can be defined as meditation and concentration: Meditation is performed on the corresponding Holy Names; and Concentration is needed to transfer the resulted positive energy from these Names for the benefit of the one for whom the amulet is being written.


Writing Kabbalistic AmuletUsually, amulets are written on genuine deerskin, goatskin or calfskin parchment, using authentic hand-made ink and real goose or turkey quill. Guide lines are traced on the parchment using a rose thorn. Ritual activities before, during and after writing the amulet are performed in accordance with the client’s name and date of birth. As well this data is entered into the amulet’s “formula”.


Scrolling Process of Amulet Calculation of the time for writing is a very important stage that depends on a multitude of factors (there are optimal, neutral and unfavorable days and hours for writing amulets, and there are days and hours when it is not permissible to do it at all). Also, in some circumstances the scribe is in no condition to write due to personal reasons.


Blessing of Kabbalistic AmuletThe text itself can be written in different scripting types. Scripting selection depends on type of the amulet and on purpose for which it has been created. Some of the common used scripting are: “Ashurit”, also known as “Assyrian” or “square writing” (the same script used for writing kosher Torah scrolls); “Ktav Eynaiim”(“Eye Writing”), also known as “Malachim” or the “Angelic Alphabet”; and paleo- (or proto) Hebrew – the first ancient type of sacred writing.


Packing of Kabbalistic AmuletThere is no stock of ready-made amulets, since preparation of each of them is absolutely personal. That is, there are no drafts and “half finished products” nor any standard preparation process; in other words amulet’s construction starts from scratch each time.
Usually, excluding very rare cases, work on the amulet will not take more than 40 days, and very often the amulet is ready in one to two weeks.


Process of Closing Amulet

  1. Information gathering. The minimum amount of information the client should provide is:
    • his/her full name, including last name
    • full name of his/her mother (without last name)
    • his/her date of birth
    • his/her geographical location (city & country, i.e. a location an amulet should be sent to)
    • a detailed description of the problem/request
      Blessing Process Kabbalistic Amulet
  2. Once required data is collected, Gersh can begin with the process.
  3. Compilation of the amulet’s “formula” and calculation of the price which is based on formula’s content.
  4. As soon as all details are agreed, the client has given his concurrence (a signed agreement) and the price has been paid, Gersh begins to write the amulet. The writing process may take from several hours to 40 days (information about more precise time period is communicated to the client before signing the agreement)
  5. Rolling of the prepared amulet into a scroll, performing a final blessing and shipping it to the client.

Final package includes amulet itself and handling instructions. It can also include a “spiritual remedy” which represents a list of advices and/or actions to intensify the amulet’s positive influence.