Curse Removal

Curse Removal Kabbalistic AmuletCurses of various types can be completely removed or blocked by properly prepared Kabbalistic Amulets. Gersh Nubirg writes amulets that provide powerful and effective protection from any curse whether it comes from black magic or witchcraft practitioner as a set of spells or issued by Voodoo or Hoodoo rootworker or has been sent as a hex by a conjurer. These amulets can also protect from unintentional curses caused by deep envy or rage or by similar sort of negative mental impulse.

Curses are strong and lingering negative effects that can come from different sources but are all very dangerous and harmful. In all cases of curse origins, curse removal amulets and practices exist to repair, amend and restore our health and general well being by:

● Breaking generational curses that stem from deeds in the family’s past. Curses run deep and what our ancestors didn’t amend falls on us to repair and restore.

● Elimination of family curses. Sometimes it is not a deed of an ancestor, but someone that laid a curse on them and it still afflicts the family for generations until it is finally removed.

● Curse removal from places, houses and items. Something that happened in a place can resound in it’s surroundings for years, creating a harmful spiritual effect that will not leave on it’s own accord.

● Providing hex, black magic and sorcery protection. We can protect our well being in all walks of life from envy and evil speech of those who would harm us.

Here are some of the possible origins of curses that may befall us.

● A curse that stems from another person. It can be based on envy or a strong grudge. It is much, much stronger than evil eye, which is a harmful effect in itself, but pales in comparison with a curse. It is more akin in it’s nature to possession, in that it will not go away or fade over time and can be only be broken by strong countermeasures.

● Sometimes a curse is placed on a person deliberately by a black magic practitioner rather than just a strong negative emotion, or is brought upon the person suffering from it themselves. A series of failures or mishaps can be taken so hard that a person unknowingly curses himself and this way locks himself in a permanent pattern of bad luck and suffering.

● Sometimes it happens that a curse can be a form punishment from above for doing something bad, even if it was done by someone in past generations of our family. We may be carrying an obligation to right the wrongs of our ancestors because they cannot.

The way to countermand this effect is to trace it to its origin. The cause should be determined if it is to be eliminated. Then a series of prayers and divine symbols are written into a scroll, and sometimes cleansing and atonement are also necessary. The purpose is to restore a link to the Almighty that will create a safety line along which the soul can escape the trap and restore it’s path in life. This, in general terms, is how and amulet of curse removal works.