In-Person Consultations

In-Person Kabbalistic ConsultationsGersh Nubirg provides in-person consultation services which are currently available for GTA (Greater Toronto Area) residents.

In-Person Consultations by Gersh Nubirg is provided for the following:

Certain types of help implemented in the amulets can be applied in a verbal or in an operational form during personal contact. Such process involves the same principles that being used in the amulets preparation and they are targeted to bring the same positive influences. In specific cases, in-person treatment can be more efficient than an amulet, especially in the situations where the methods and remedies need to be adjusted or corrected due to the changing circumstances.

In-Person treatment sessions vary on individual cases and may include specific rituals, prayers, or sequences of particular actions. Visually it can resemble occult acts like conjurations or invocations; however methods used by Gersh Nubirg do not represent any kind of sorcery. The main purpose of each such activity/process/rite is preparation of a set of appropriate conditions to generate humble but powerful and passionate request addressed directly to the only One Who can help. As written “You were shown these things so that you might know that the L-O-RD is G-D; besides Him there is no other (Deuteronomy 4, 35)” and written “I form the light and create darkness I make peace and create evil; I the L-O-RD do all these things (Isaiah 45, 7)”. So, if there is His will then His mercy comes and the help is granted.

It is necessary to read and understand all of the content of this website (including the FAQ page) and the paragraphs below before requesting for in-person consultation.

Services provided by Gersh Nubirg DO NOT replace any kind of professional treatment or assistance. Therefore, disregarding how critical situation is, first make sure that all necessary steps have been undertaken.

Currently, in-person sessions are available for Toronto/GTA residents only.

Necessity of an in-person consultation as well as timing and pricing details will be discussed individually in each particular case.

Only adequate and relevant messages will be considered. Gersh Nubirg reserves the right to avoid answering some emails in accordance with a situation.

Gersh Nubirg tries to respond to emails within 96 hours.

Sometimes email messages can get marked as “spam”, so they can appear in “spam”, “junk” or “bulk” folders. Please check these folders if there is no answer from Gersh Nubirg within 96 hours.