How it Works

The Creator of our world molded the whole Universe using 22 letters and 10 digits or enumerations (Sephirot), the adding of which yields the number 32. Accordingly Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation) these 32 are called the 32 paths of wisdom and they are the primary, fundamental matrix of the world. Thus, our existence represents an endless quantity of combinations of the aforementioned paths or, in other words, an endless number of Holy Names. Each one of these Names is an attribute of a certain type of G-d’s influence on the Universe. Hence, any phenomenon, any essence, any action is a divine manifestation of forces based on this matrix. Thus, the involvement of a corresponding combination may lead to the correction of reality.

The sacral symbols and the Holy Names that are combined in a special way and applied onto a piece of correctly prepared parchment, in a specific order and under the appropriate conditions, allows obtaining and refocusing the spiritual energy of the universe in the achievement of the desired results.

It is very important to understand that all this works only if a permission has been granted by the King of the World. We got the right to ask for Heavenly help, however it is only His decision whether to satisfy our request or not.

So, it is not magic and it is not sorcery or spells. The amulet represents a constantly repeating request (a prayer) that is intended directly for the Creator, the Lord and Master of the Universe. The amulet must be designed according to the nature of the request and it must be directed toward the corresponding divine and/or angelic names, on the strength (or to the credit) of whom the given request can be satisfied. “…and I shall deliver him, I shall strengthen him, for he knew My Name. When he calls to me, I will answer him…” (Psalms 91:14-15), that is, it is necessary to apply to that Name, on whom depends what we are asking.” (Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla. Shaarei Orah).

Each amulet is unique and can be used only by the one for whom it is written.

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