Negative Energy Cleansing

Kabbalistic Amulet Rejects Negativity and Evil EnergyNegative energies can come from many sources but their effect is always the same – they dampen our spirits, chisel at our health and deter our success in life. They can destroy relationships and cause severe disruption in our lives and our health. They range from mild but persistent nuisances to curses that can destroy us in many, many ways.

Again, there are many instances when such cleansing may be needed, such as:

  • Your child who always did well in school starts failing all of a sudden
  • A perfectly good relationship started failing for no apparent reason at all
  • A member of the family who led a healthy lifestyle starts losing his health
  • A successful business is suffering bad losses that no one could predict or explain
  • A sudden sequence of accidents befalls a normally successful person

All those and many more can be caused or aggravated by the presence of negative energies in our lives and surroundings. This is when negative energy cleansing and warding amulets can help you restore your life’s balance. They:

  • Are based on signs that drive negative entities away.
  • Cleanse negative energy from a house.
  • Do spiritual purification (rites with reading sacred texts and holy books)
  • Help with grudge and evil speech neutralisation

The process can be enhanced by different types of ritual cleansing, such as bathing, fumigation, incantations, verbal treatments and traditional prayers.

There are four main things that can cancel or change the delivery of divine judgment, or drive away negative influences from a person, household or family:

  • Charity “and charity will save from death” (Proverbs 10,2)
  • Crying “they cried out to the L-O-RD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress” (Psalms 107, 6)
  • Changing of the name “as for Sarai your wife, you will not call her Sarai; for Sarah is her name” (Genesis 17, 15)
  • Changing of acting. “and G-d saw what they did and … he relented and did not bring on them the disaster he had threatened” (Jonah 3,10)
    — Rabbi Chaim Palagi. “Healing and Life”

All four courses of action have one main thing in common – the calling of G-d back to ones soul, and then the link is secured by the amulet and peace is restored.

Negative energy cleansing methods and amulets are made to find the unseen cause of your trouble and remove it by helping to purify your spirit and restore the light of G-d in your hearts and souls.