Q: Which spiritual forces do you invoke? What is their origin, angelic or demonic?

A: Correctly made kabbalistic amulets have nothing to do with the invocation of spiritual essences. Neither beings on the part of holiness nor representatives of the forces of evil. Appealing to evil, dark and external forces may attain rapid results and short-term solutions, but in receiving them in that way, a person causes himself colossal damage, by creating extremely negative breaches at the physical and spiritual level of his existence. Also we do not entreat the angels and we do not pray to them, because they are only providers to our world of the Creator's will. The angelic names can be called or written for various defined reasons, but only as part of a request directed to the Creator. And only He, blessed be His Name, is The Only One to Whom we should address all our prayers and requests for help.

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