Q: Are there side effects in the use of kabbalistic amulets??

A: First of all, Gersh Nubirg does not manipulate with forbidden evil forces and there is no element of witchcraft in his amulets and as a consequence there is no penalty for violating permissible borders. Actually, use of amulets has the same natural type of consequences as any other action in our life. For example, when a person wants to buy a car, he faces with a choice - to purchase or not to purchase. Depending on selected option, the person receives a new direction for events in his life which can bring him to absolutely different situations from getting into car accident to saving somebody’s life. Is it a punishment or reward for buying a car? The answer is - no, it's a regular causality, natural flow of events in our existence. If this person chooses to have a car, he receives what he wants, he gets the car and the price that he pays is only the price of the car. The same is with amulets. Person achieves his goal, using an amulet, and the price he pays is the price of the amulet, nothing more. The rest is beyond our understanding and out of our control. We cannot force the Owner of the Universe to do what we want, we can only ask Him for help i.e. to keep the chain of events in direction we need. And this is what Gersh Nubirg implements within amulets he writes.

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